This page is always under construction! Send us a link that you think we should add, and we’ll check it out.

We have found these activist-oriented Facebook Groups to be very informative and particularly useful to our work. We read these group pages as if they were virtual newspapers. But they are more than just this. The collective nature of these pages, coupled with the information that is shared, the individual and community perspectives that are expressed, and the activist-oriented thinking and practices they inspire, all help to give shape and meaning to our work. We can only hope that the groups listed below find our own work as useful and inspiring as we find theirs.

Zinn Education Project

Trinational Coalition to Defend Public Education (USA)

We! Alternative Voices for an Alternative Future

Genocide Preclusion Project

Is This Fascism?

Students for Justice in Palestine (Cal State Fullerton)

CSUF Activists

Communities Against the Prison Industrial Complex

Southern CA Public Ed Coalition


We! Alternative Voices for an Alternative Future

Coalition for Public Education/Coalición por la Educación Pública

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