I’m Just Sayin’ (An Open Letter to Historians) (March 2013)
Some critical – even explosive – reflections on the way history is written, and taught.

Private Party, Private Funding, Private Interest: Who Do Public University Presidents Work For? (March 2013)
In this critical essay, Carie Rael reflects on the protest she organized at the 2013 inauguration ceremonies of President Mildred Garcia at California Sate University, Fullerton. Arguing that the university as an institution is currently under attack from a host of private interests, Rael concludes that only a complete rethinking of the current system can save the university as a public institution.

Neither Mexican Nor American (March 2013)
A critical reflection on ethnicity and oppression in the American education system.

Educational Alienation: The Erasure of Self-Determination in Higher Education (April 2012)
At the present moment, institutions of higher education in the United States are severely underfunded, undervalued, and in decline. Additionally, misappropriated funds, administrative irresponsibility, and questionable planning initiatives have brought about stagnation and atrophy from within the university. The alienation that the university is currently experiencing is not only crippling to a generation of students and professors, but also indicative of the values and principles of the United States. In accordance with traditional conceptions of the theory, several types of alienation in higher education exist, and are clearly discernable through a further examination of the university system.

The State of Education in an Age of Disengagement (April 2012)
It is no secret that American culture is at root anti-intellectual, and that higher education is currently under attack. The fact is, more students are entering college with no real concern about what they will learn. These same students choose (or are forced to choose?) degree paths which tie “education” to the promise of long-term financial gain, not just for the students themselves, but for their families, their future employers, and their country. It is constantly said that a college degree will improve how well an individual will do in the work force, but little is said about the value of a college education itself.

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